My space ready for assessment



Final Edit of my Documentary

After a long night I am now happy with my video. I rerecorded some of the narration and made more concise statements and this significantly cut the length of audio creating more space for imagery.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 13.56.11 Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 02.03.33Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 22.17.21

I now have a 14 minute film (couldn’t get it down to 10 minutes without losing some of the space and this ruined the pacing so I thought 14mins was a good length. For the final touch I added a few transitions to make the images flow into eachother better. Also I have wanted to integrate some of the radio into the documentary. I found this quite difficult but decided to give it a last try and after a few hours it seemed to work. I selected two separate segments and put them at different times throughout the film. I am really happy that I made this final addition as it added more voices to the film(this was needed as this keeps it more exciting, one voice continuously can become a bit tiresome) It also broadened the conversation about the points I was making. The final film is 15 minutes long.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 14.12.24

Showing my documentary at the degree show

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 15.30.48

Now that I have finished my documentary, I feel that I want to show it at the degree show allowing people if they choose to, to learn more about the context of the work and hopefully transmit my curiosity into other people. Today I had an idea to use the largest rock in my collection and as it contains a large hole, allow people to view my documentary being screened through the hole…



Setting up my space & making my portfolio

I decided to make my space completely white so that it was neutral for my work. I attached a shelf for the rocks to create space on the desk for the portfolio.

For the portfolio I chose to use the colours of maroon and gold as I thought this combination would work well with the paintings. I was slightly worried about how it would look when I actually put it together but in the end i was happy with the result.

Documentary editing

After a tutorial with Anna I am now much more confident with how to go forward. We talked about pacing and creating space. I needed to create space for the images to be absorbed without my voice over. I have now prioritised what I am saying to focus on the main points. This has worked well. Also some of the imagery went on for too long so this was cut.

While I continued to edit, I gave a copy to first year Tom Margett who helped as a fresh set of eyes to judge what worked and what didn’t. I felt I had become too close to it and wanted another opinion plus Tom is much more experienced at editing videos so I also wanted his expertise. This collaboration worked really well. He managed to significantly cut the film’s length. I used what he had done to help me cut more out of my film and today I am now happy that the film is 17 minutes long. I have been told to get it down to 10. I plan to keep chipping away at it and hopefully will get it to this length.

Scan 15


Continued editing of my documentary….

Each day I have been slowly cutting down the length of my documentary, I have now realised that I need to prioritise and focus on the main points that I want to make and show the progression of the project. I have made large cuts now and it is taking shape. After some tutorials I now realise that I need to cut out some of my narration that is not truly needed again focusing on the main points I want to make, by doing this it will create space for the images of my work to be viewed with the music in the background allowing the viewer to take in what i have said and view my imagery without interference. At the moment it is a bit like information overload so my next step will be to prioritise my points.

Making my documentary – The World Inside a Rock

To chart the project and explain my journey and research so far I have undertaken the task of creating a documentary about the project. I have not much experience in creating movies or using movie maker software so it was all a case of trial and error. The decisions I had to make initially was how it would be narrated and by who. In the end I decided to narrate it myself to make it more personal and be able to hopefully convey my wonder about these objects to others. I put together a sequence of visuals that tell the story of the project and then read a narration to fit to it. In hindsight maybe I should have worked on it from the other way round but I think both ways would have posed their problems.

Once everything fitted together (visuals and narration) it then started to edit out the bits that might not be totally relevant to my final work ie background research that informs my overall outcome in a tenuous way but does not directly link. This was a really hard task for me as every trip I have made and artists I have looked at have been important to me and my work. I have recently got to the stage of cutting large sections out and have now got the documentary down to 30 minutes which is a reasonable length for the portfolio however after discussion the documentary as a whole needs for space to breath and let people ponder over what I am saying. I tend to have gone into too much detail, leaving little to the imagination so now I will try to cut some narration.

For the show I want a short snappy version 7-10 mins long that consisely says the main points, this length is appropriate as to enable the viewer if they wish to view it in its entirety and understand more about the work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 20.46.15