Sound within the rock

I have had this idea for a while now about putting sound within a rock, it has taken me a while to understand how to do it and get it set up but I have today got it working (with help from Neil)  and have experimented with different sounds.

Up till this point the characters of my story, namely the worm, the mollusc and the sponge have remained unseen. With sound I aim to portray the presence of the creatures and to do this I have looked back at how they create the holes in the rocks.

The worm wees so for this I needed the sound of water trickling (also this sound makes the connection back to the rocks origin or previous life where they would have been underwater.)

The mollusc creates the holes in a different way by gripping onto the rock with their fleshy foot and using their hard ridged shell to act as a drill that bores into the rock.  So for this sound I needed scraping noises and noises of friction.

Over time I have collected sounds while on day trips to the beach but also anything of interest even around my house, anything that I think can portray the noise of the creatures inside the rock. I have also creates sounds from the rocks I have collected, particularly the white chalk covered flint rocks that I collected from Severn Sisters. These make a piercingly loud noise when crashed together.



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