Making my documentary – The World Inside a Rock

To chart the project and explain my journey and research so far I have undertaken the task of creating a documentary about the project. I have not much experience in creating movies or using movie maker software so it was all a case of trial and error. The decisions I had to make initially was how it would be narrated and by who. In the end I decided to narrate it myself to make it more personal and be able to hopefully convey my wonder about these objects to others. I put together a sequence of visuals that tell the story of the project and then read a narration to fit to it. In hindsight maybe I should have worked on it from the other way round but I think both ways would have posed their problems.

Once everything fitted together (visuals and narration) it then started to edit out the bits that might not be totally relevant to my final work ie background research that informs my overall outcome in a tenuous way but does not directly link. This was a really hard task for me as every trip I have made and artists I have looked at have been important to me and my work. I have recently got to the stage of cutting large sections out and have now got the documentary down to 30 minutes which is a reasonable length for the portfolio however after discussion the documentary as a whole needs for space to breath and let people ponder over what I am saying. I tend to have gone into too much detail, leaving little to the imagination so now I will try to cut some narration.

For the show I want a short snappy version 7-10 mins long that consisely says the main points, this length is appropriate as to enable the viewer if they wish to view it in its entirety and understand more about the work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 20.46.15