Documentary editing

After a tutorial with Anna I am now much more confident with how to go forward. We talked about pacing and creating space. I needed to create space for the images to be absorbed without my voice over. I have now prioritised what I am saying to focus on the main points. This has worked well. Also some of the imagery went on for too long so this was cut.

While I continued to edit, I gave a copy to first year Tom Margett who helped as a fresh set of eyes to judge what worked and what didn’t. I felt I had become too close to it and wanted another opinion plus Tom is much more experienced at editing videos so I also wanted his expertise. This collaboration worked really well. He managed to significantly cut the film’s length. I used what he had done to help me cut more out of my film and today I am now happy that the film is 17 minutes long. I have been told to get it down to 10. I plan to keep chipping away at it and hopefully will get it to this length.

Scan 15



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