Rocks Installation – Experimentation with Light



Lamp light – The light of the lamp added a golden glow to the piece that was subtle and effective. It allows the rocks to stay natural but they are enhanced by this light. The positioning of the light on the floor worked best as despite their being no shadows created the effect of uplighting accentuated the atmosphere of the piece. For the degree show, I have decided that this light will work the best and fits within my aim as I want to keep the stones natural, I have steered away from the artificial and the gimmick, therefore the use of bright coloured light is ruled out. This light is a perfect balance between enhancement and keeping it natural.


Natural light – By adding blue to the lamp light, natural light in its closest form was created. I liked the use of this. The rocks could be seen it their most natural colour. It was a tough choice between this and the lamp light. This was something I put out to others in my group crit to get their opinion to help me decide. I have now decided the lamp light works best because it gives a subtle enhancement without interference. The natural light is quite dull in comparison.


Coloured light:


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