Group Tutorial – 13/3/15

In the tutorial I took the group down to see two installations I have been working on.  I have been trying out projection onto one of them and lighting on the other and over the weekend I have swapped these round so that I have tried everything on both. The tutorial was useful because I wanted to get peoples opinion on a few things:

1. Which lighting to go for? I was leaning towards a more natural lighting because the aim of my project all along has been to elevate these objects without making a change to them. In the tutorial it was pointed out that the coloured light made the piece gimmicky and the ‘artificial’ colours go against what I am trying to achieve so this confirmed my initial instinct which was good. The changing from one colour to the next had an interesting effect however which has made me think that a changing colour of light could work well. I started with the more natural lighting, then went to the extreme colours and then went back to the natural. I was told that that the intense colour seemed dramatic and got a positive reaction after the natural light as it was such a dramatic contrast, but then going back to the natural light was refreshing and seemed more dramatic after the coloured light. Maybe the different lighting should work together to create an effect… this has made me think back to Tom Martin’s talk and Carlos Cruz-Diez’s work, Chromosaturation. The effect of seeing one intense colour after another can change how you see the next colour and I experienced this while switching the colours over and I think this was experienced in the group tutorial as the natural light seemed different when it was shown after the red and green light. Overall I have decided I am going to use the light of the lamp as it is subtle but creates a dramatic effect as opposed to the pure natural light. For now I am putting the intense colours aside. 

2. If I was to use projection, should I project moving image or stills? In the tutorial I showed an example of each and the general consensus was that the stills worked better. The video footage created too much to concentrate on and stated to hurt my eyes. My use of projection was questioned. It is a new thing for me, something I haven’t tried before so I was at the excitement stage and had not yet got to the thoughtful editing stage. The still images I projected was scans of my paintings. I think out of all the projection try outs this worked the best. I am playing around with the idea of the exterior and interior of the worm’s world and this would hover in and around these boundaries, however it was mentioned that projecting onto the rocks could make it cluttered and take away from each element of my work, ie the rock installation and seeing these objects in insolation with no interference and the paintings which as previously discussed in my viva work best as original paintings and not replicated in print or any other form so my tutor said that maybe it is best to keep the two elements separate however they will still speak to eachother in a more subtle way than forcing them into the same space to possibly clash with eachother. Overall I do agree with what was said in the tutorial and it was very useful as now I have more of a clear aim to go forward with. However there is a part of me that is still interested in using projection because I have been playing around with it over the weekend and have found out more about what works well and what doesn’t. I do think that an idea could be to project my paintings onto the rocks for some time and have them free of projection for another period of time so that sometimes there is image and sometimes they are left without.  

3. Which structure to try out? For my next installation I have 2 main ideas for structure (and also a third is emerging after feedback from the Thin Gallery piece.)

  • Planetarium structure
  • Cylinder structure
  • Layered structure

After getting peoples opinion I am now going to make my priority to try out the Planetarium structure and hopefully the others if time. 




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