Poster Designs for inviting people to ‘The World of Rocks’

I am inviting people into my installation to experience it and gather feedback to help me take this idea forward. I needed a poster to publicise the event and creating this, I found quite a challenge.

I tried out a few different designs for the poster to publicise my event. I tried out a design using one of my paintings as I want to make the connection between the exterior (the real rocks) and the interior of this world in the paintings, however for this, I decided I’d not include the paintings and instead use drawings of the rocks on my poster so that people didn’t get confused. Also the text didn’t stand out very well when put on the background of my painting. The different versions (as seen in the pics above) show outcomes that were so different, therefore I couldn’t use the set, i had to decide on one. In the end I decided on the blue poster because it was bold and the text stood out, plus I thought the colours worked well together.


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