‘A World of Rocks’ Interactive Event

I decided that it was about time I invited people to see and experience my installation. People have come across it unexpectedly over the last few weeks but I wanted to lead people to it and ahead of moving into a larger space and trying out my new installation idea, I want to gather a variety of  feedback which will help me progress and go in the right direction. I was also intrigued to find out what people thought of the experience.

A world of rocks poster4

I created a trail to lead people to the installation and the feedback so far has been encouraging. The trail has become more than something to help people find their way as some people have commented how they found following the trail exciting and I think this has added something to the whole experience of the piece. I like the fact that it is hidden and can only be seen if you are led to it.  In fact the trail is a direct reflection of how the worm moves through the rock creating a its path.  The feedback has led me to think that maybe the poster wasn’t needed? I wanted to make people aware of the event but I think the trail does this in a more interesting way and people seem to be naturally intrigued by a trail.



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