Projection talk with Tom Martin

Projection Talk with Tom Martin

Many different forms of projection:

Projection of light onto things

Projection of images onto things

Projecting to make an image through light


Examples of artists who have used projection in their work:


Image from:

Olafur Elisson – Model for a Timeless Garden, 2011 – Use of strobe lighting created and intense, sensory overload. The sculptures were constantly evolving and moments in time seemed to be frozen momentarily through the strobe lighting. Illusion created through light. This piece was seen in the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery.


Image from:

Conrad Shawcross, Slow Arc Inside a Cube, 2008 – Light projected to create a shadow on the wall. The movement of the shadow acts to disorientate. The moving shadow is most powerful when you are alone in the room.


Image from:

Anthony McCall, You and I, Horizontal, 2005 – McCall’s work is made of water vapour with light going through it. the piece makes the viewer feel as if they have entered a different world. The light becomes a thing and you feel like it is squeezing you until finally it just disappears. Again this is another example of an artist creating an illusion through light.


Image from:

Carlos Cruz-Diez, Chromosaturation, 2008 – An experience of intense colour. You are recommended to spend 10 minutes in each colour section to experience how a your eyes cope with colour. Tom told us how after moving from the red section to the blue the two colours seemed to jar against eachother and then when entering the green section everything turns to black and white and flat. the cubes as seen in the image above would be one colour on one side and a different colour on the other side but where they meet there is a strange effect that is jarring to the eyes.


Image from:

James Turrell, Blue Planet Sky, 2004 – The building has an open top to the sky but in certain light it looks as if the blue section is hovering inside the building.

turrell_rodencrator_fromplane turrell09

Images from: (left) and (right)

James Turrell, Roden Crater, ongoing – Transformed a volcanic crater which is situated in the middle of nowhere therefore the viewer is invited to make a pilgrimage to see the work.


Image from:

James Turrell, Reignfall, 2011 – A structure in which the viewer lies down inside. The sphere is blank with no texture on the walls and white noise is played inside these factors act to remove all the senses allowing you to see the pure light.


Image from:

Tim Head, Scent, 2010 – A pixelation, this projection fitted exactly within the space. Think about where I project and hoe does it fit in the space?


Projecting onto things – Projecting onto an object



Tony Oursler – I looked briefly at this artist during the beginnings of the Dyffryn house project because I had the idea of projecting onto the pieces of coal. I discovered this artist when watching David Bowie’s video for his song ‘Where are we Now’ and I loved the effect of Bowie’s face projected onto the egg shaped form. It was humorous and strange. Despite not using projection in this way for the Dyffryn project, I am hoping to try out projecting onto my rocks for my current project which is why I wanted to attend this talk to get some ideas. I am really glad that Tom showed this artist as it has reminded me of his work and I now feel inspired to take this idea forward.


Image from:

Tony Oursler, Obscura, 2014 


Image from:

Tony Oursler, Camel, Marlboro, Parliament, Winston, Satern, American Spirit, 2009 – A forest of cigarettes



Image from:

Tony Oursler, Passe Partout, 2014 – animates his paintings through projection.



Image from:

Tony Oursler, Thaw, 2003 – Making lighting and projection into a thing in itself.

Make sure I consider the space carefully for projection.


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