New paintings of ‘The World Inside a Rock’

I have decided to create some more paintings of the world inside a rock – Worm’s view series. I finished my planned 12 images a few months ago and have been exploring different ways of portraying this world but this week I had spare as I am waiting for a space to try out my installation and I thought I’d go back to painting because I missed it and I had a few ideas in mind for further images.

Here are the two I have finished this week. My first image (on the left) doesn’t really work for me. I found it difficult because I felt a bit out of practice and I don’t think I put enough care into the detail of the image. (I might try and work into it more) Also the composition and lighting in the image isn’t powerful enough to fit well within the set, therefore if I were to include the paintings in the degree show, this one will not make the selection.

The second painting (on the right) I am much more happy with. I took more time over it and this paid off. This image is of an up close textural surface of the rock which contrasts to some of the other images which show more of a cavernous structure and can be depicted by the viewer as a cave. This painting and a couple of my previous ones are more ambiguous and are abstract as the viewer might question what it is. I quite like the more abstract paintings within my series because of this and the fact that my interest stems from looking at the detail of these objects.


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