Lyme Regis – 27/2/15 – Collecting more rocks

Today I went to Lyme Regis to collect more rocks in preparation for my next installation idea. I always enjoy the process of finding the rocks to form my work. They are not everywhere on this beach and are often hidden. The hunt for them started slowly as a recent cliff fall has covered a large section of the beach and at high tide there wasn’t much area to explore however the more I looked, the more I started to find and I now think my eye has become trained to spotting them.

The process of finding the rocks and their journey to the studio is a major part of my work. I find the ‘archeological’ process – the uncovering and collecting, really exciting. Their origin and their history creates the narrative.

Sorting through my collection.

Once I got the rocks home, I had to sort through them to select the ones that will be most appropriate for my work. As I was travelling by train back to Cardiff, I needed to select a manageable amount to go in my suitcase. I cannot hang the larger ones therefore I only packed the smaller rocks but I also selected the largest of my collection to experiment with putting sound within it. I enjoyed the process of laying them all out and seeing what I had collected. My cat also seemed to share my interest in the rocks!


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