The World Inside the Rock book – Mock up

I decided to try out my idea for the book as my mock viva is coming up. The idea came from seeing Ron King’s book ‘Hick Hack Hock’ at SCOLAR at Cardiff University. Because of the limited time I had to get the idea made into 3D, the detail and quality of the book suffered however as this was just a mock up to show the idea, this didn’t both me too much.


I am not sure that the concertina works best to display the images as the narrative is the worm moving through its world therefore I need to reflect this in the making of the pages in the book. The concertina also forms another problem with the size of the images as I have found before when making my box theatre, when the paintings are reduced and printed the detail and texture of the paintings is lost and this is a problem. To make them their original size, the book would become way too big to handle therefore another structure such as fold out pages might work better so that the image can fold out to become its original size however it can then be folded back down to be incased in the cover of the book. I think the painting of the clay sculpture worked well and instantly brought it to life and allowed it to resemble the original.

UPDATE: Reflections after Viva

The rock cover that ‘resembled’ the original posed another problem. I recreated a replica only to allow myself to make subtle changes such as its flatness and its size in order to make the book open and close and fit. My tutor pointed out that by replicating the rock, the curiosity and authenticity surrounding the rock is lost as these marks are no longer made by the mysterious sea creatures but by me, therefore it is a bit like a replica that would be sold in a shop. I totally agree with this. I was thinking logistically and overlooked the bigger picture. For me the wonder surrounds the real rocks that I have collected and to make this idea work I would have to use real rocks however try and find two flatter shaped ones that fitted roughly together.

Frustratingly, I have one rock that would work but not a second and I’d be very lucky to find one. Another option is to cut a rock in half. This would entirely solve the problem as it would make it authentic and fit perfectly however I would have to destroy a rock. I would like to avoid this if I can but as this seems to be the best solution for this idea to work I might have to go down this route.



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