London Trip – 18th-19th Feb 2015

I was really excited to go on this trip to London as it’s been a while since my last trip. As always I couldn’t resist strolling through St James Park and looking at the wildlife. This time I encountered an acrobatic squirrel!! I had a few exhibitions in mind but what I was particularly excited to see was Henry Moore at the Gagosian gallery.

Henry Moore Wunderkammer – Origin of Form – Gagosian Gallery

I was determined to get to this exhibition after finding it by chance online. I love Henry Moore’s sculptures and how he takes his inspiration from the forms of natural objects such as pebbles, branches and bones. Also I have been studying about the Cabinet’s of Curiosity and exploring this type of display in my curating and hope to use it further in my work as I have begun to make clay sculptures. I think I am taken by this type of display because I have always been interested in collecting and this is something that is ever present in my work. Therefore this exhibition which combined Moore’s sculptures with this type of display seemed right up my street and it didn’t disappoint. This was by far one of my favourite exhibitions! I am going to experiment with glazes and after seeing this exhibition it will be interesting to try and form a display that is filled with the juxtaposition of my sculptures with the real natural objects. The lighting in this gallery also took my eye as it created prominent shadows of the objects. This is something that I want to create in the photographs of my installation as the shadows can become just as interesting as the physical objects. They are the objects accompaniment, their ghostly presence lingering behind their physical form.


El Anatsui – October Gallery


This exhibition was interesting because of the attention to detail in the making. From afar these sculptures looked like they were made out of fabric but actually when up close they were made out of tiny bits of tin sewn together with wire. It was impressive because these vibrant sculptures were created out of a collection of ‘rubbish’ however the artist has formed eye catching aesthetic. The sculptures were intriguing because they were interesting from afar but they led you to look at them really closely to notice their detailed makeup.I particularly liked the spherical form and the gaps that the artist left allowing shadows to form through the holes.


Richard Long – Tate Britain


Richard Serra – Gagosian Gallery



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