Dyffryn House Exhibition set up

I went on Friday to set up my piece for the exhibition, after deciding to put my piece in a cabinet, I firstly cleaned this up and then I chose how to display my paintings. As I said in a previous post I knew that two of them worked well together and were my favourite of the set so I decided to put these at the top, at eye level for the viewer. I decided to stick them on the back of the cabinet as it was too high to place them on the shelf and having them on the back allows them to be viewed easily. I decided that the book would be placed standing between the two paintings on the top shelf. I decided to provisionally put the other two painting lain flat lower down. The decision to lay them flat was to make it easier for the viewer to see them and also aesthetically this worked as it seemed to compositionally reflect the top two paintings.

I returned to Dyffryn the next day to start hanging the coal. The inclusion of the bottom two paintings depended on how low I took the coal so I thought I’d start hanging them and make the decisions as it developed. After a day of hanging coal I had taken it down to the level where the decision had to be made. I liked how the coal was within a square which reflected the shape of the paintings and allowed this to be a continuing theme throughout the piece. I also liked how the hanging coal was subtly framed by the paintings therefore I decided at this point that my display was finished.


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