Dyffryn House Project – Coal Mine Paintings -No 2

I have started another painting today, which at the moment I feel is going well. I now feel more confident in creating a realistic impression of a coal mine after going in one at the weekend. My palette has now expanded to use yellow to convey the light. this I really think is working as blue and yellow compliment eachother so well. On sunday we had to wear headlamps and the power of these was illustrated when the miner told us to turn them off to experience how dark it is inside the mine without light. I could not see anything all all. It was complete darkness which I don’t think I have ever experienced. However dark it is there is normally always some light interference however small. He also showed us an old mining lamp and explained how the colour and size of the flame was used to detect carbon monoxide which saved many lives. We also turned our lights off when going back up to the surface in the lift. This was my favourite part of the experience as it enabled us to see the surface of the coal as we moved upwards. After this experience I am now going to accentuate the use of light in my paintings to highlight how it was essential to the miners and also to help the paintings aesthetically.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.08.11


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