Curating at SCOLAR – Cardiff University. An exhibition of Ron King’s work

I helped curate an exhibition of Ron King’s work at SCOLAR – The special collections and archives at Cardiff University. This was a great experience to view the extensive archive at the university. Also as a follow on from curating the IN Gallery at CSAD, I felt I had learnt things during this time that enabled me to look at this collection and make informed decisions on what to select. We had 6 cabinets, 4 large and 2 small to work with and we were doing 3 of them. The decisions involved deciding on the combination of books for each cabinet and we tried out different ways of displaying them within it, also thinking about the shape of the cabinets and selecting contents that worked well within them. We chose to have one cabinet quite minimal and white, highlighting textural print techniques and the other we chose quite colourful pieces to go together. Overall I think our choices worked well. Here’s a link to Cardiff University’s page about the exhibition..


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