Tinkinswood Burial Chamber

After a trip to Dyffryn, we strolled upon Tinkinswood Burial Chamber. Each burial chamber I have visited is so different. I am particularly interested in the feeling of standing inside these structures – the strange feeling that one feels when they contemplate the history of this location. I enjoy looking at the small details of the rock slabs and thinking that there is a story behind each mark some caused by human’s centuries ago and some caused by natural weathering. Also each burial chamber I have visited has something unique and interesting about its structure and in this one we noticed a slab that resembled large nosed creature. The way that we see figures and creatures in rocks is something that interests me and adds mystery and narrative to rocks. The photos below show lots of the details of the chamber, some of the textures and shapes within it. I also videod my walk inside and around the structure to give more of a spatial record of my experience.




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