Dyffryn visit to decide where to install my piece.

Today I went to Dyffryn House to work out where to put my installation. I already had an idea about it being in a run down part of the house and we came to choose this spot in the house (See pics below) as the most appropriate. Logistically there were ledges that a plank of wood could be placed on and the coal could hang from this. Also this location helped the narrative of my piece as putting it in this dilapidated part of the house mirrors the sense of loss within the coal industry, the loss of life and the decline of the industry as a whole. The downside to this part of the house is that it is shut off from the public therefore the viewer would have a restricted view through the door. Some might not notice it at all however I quite like the idea that not everyone will see it, it is partially hidden however if noticed this will have more of an impact than if it was right there in front of you. the viewer is made to work a little bit to see it properly. Therefore this could encourage them to look in more detail. I hope it will make people question why it is there and remind people of the industry from which Dyffryn was built.

UPDATE: As the organisation of the exhibition progressed, it transpired that noone else was exhibiting within the house, therefore it was decided that having my piece in this location would make the exhibition seem disjointed. In order for  the exhibition to work I am now planning on displaying my work in the exhibition hall. I feel happy about this change as I was worrying that my work could be lost within the house. The next step is going to be how I display it in this new space. It is a very large space which requires me to completely rethink the logistics of my installation. i think another trip back to the house will help me work all this out.


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