Restructuring my essay over Christmas

Scan copy 3

I have now discarded part of my essay to do with transformation through drawing. This is still a major part of my research for my practice however for my dissertation I feel I cannot write about everything I want to as one this would not fit into 10,000 words and two it would not form a cohesive piece. I have decided to change my title as I am trying to reevaluate the purpose of my dissertation. I have thought about what the effect of transformation has on an object and decided to focus on the narratives evoked I have also given thought to contrasting narratives being evoked to possibly formulate a chapter around this.

I have also decided to give more of a structure to the transformation chapter. I have thought about my research as a whole and narrowed the forms of transformation into four processes, Displacement, Condensation, Association and Shape Structure and Form. The first two can be compared to Freud’s Dream Theory. The note above shows my breakdown of the new structure I am now going forward with.





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