Honeycomb weathering inspirations

Recently I have been visiting a few places along the south coast because of their interesting Geology. I have come across strange cavernous shapes within the cliff face on multiple occasions. I have since looked into this and discovered it is called ‘honeycomb weathering’ however the way that this is created seems to be a mystery to geologists. The most widely accepted theory  to explain honeycomb weathering is salt crystallisation which is explained below:

The spray of salt water from the sea gets into cracks within the rock, the water evaporates leaving behind the salt crystals in the cracks. As they heat up the salt crystals expand, sometimes to three times their original size and this exerts pressure onto the softer elements in the rock causing a granular erosion (one caused by friction). Wind, rain and hightides plus more salt spray clears out the eroded material and continues the honeycomb weathering process at the same time thus creating larger and deeper cavernous formations.

However honeycomb weathering has been found where there is no salt spray which doesn’t support the theory. The mystery surrounding how these caverns are created within the rock is something that I will play on within my narrative.

The cavernous shapes are mysterious which is one reason why my eye was drawn to them on my walk, further to this is the aesthetic created by these shapes and the vibrant colour of the cliffs.

By taking video footage of the caverns within the cliff, this has given me the spatial awareness which will help me to create the worm’s world. The video will help me implement my different ideas.

1. to create a surreal video of this world with hinted narrative made through shape and texture.

2. to build a structure so that the viewer feels they are within the rock itself.

By observing these structures within the cliff and my collected rocks closely I can keep the imagery close to reality however take it into another realm with sound and manipulating the shapes.  The colour is something I am still thinking about. Originally with this project I was going to use abstract colours however I decided to stick closer to reality but accentuate the light to give a sense of the wonder of this world, a heightened reality.



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