The Object Stares Back


I have recently been looking into perspective and the ways that we see objects to further my research for my dissertation. After reading Berger’s Way’s of Seeing, I came across this book by James Elkin’s. This book was one of my favourite reads during researching for my dissertation. It made some interesting points about our blindness to certain objects, stating that blindness isn’t the opposite to seeing but a companion to seeing.  When looking at others and talked about the prospect of a two way seeing where the object is looking at you while you are looking at it, stating that seeing ‘alters the thing that is seen and transforms the seer.” Quite a scary thought. In summary the book shows in his words that “Seeing is metamorphosis, not mechanism,” as we can never see what is actually there in it’s truest form, it is caught up with our minds and our surroundings. I particularly enjoyed reading this book because although the ideas introduced were quite hard to get my head around James Elkin’s supported them through use of imagery which instantly helped me to understand what he was talking about.

Ref: Elkins, J.1996. The Object Stares Back, Harvest Books.


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