Dissertation Tutorial – 8/12/14


Scan 1

I have been worrying about my title because now that I am talking about scientists as well as artists my title which is “How do artists transform geological objects?” doesn’t quite fit. I discussed this in my tutorial and I now have a new title to work by. Recently I have found myself constantly rewording the title and nothing quite fits but this title seems to fit everything I am talking about. I have been advised recently to not worry much about the title and write what I want to say, then worry about the title after, this seemed like a good idea however I found it very difficult writing without the focus that a title would give me. I feel I need the title to give the essay a structure so hopefully now this will be easier.

I also need to relate some of my analysis to theory, this is something that I have been worrying about however today it was explained to me in more detail so now I will try to do this. I will pick out particular pieces of work by my chosen artists and see how they fit against the relevant theory.


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