The World Inside a Rock

These are a series of 12 paintings that show the landscape view of inside a rock which will be part of my “worm’s guide book”. My aim is to create something that enables us to see the world from a new perspective, a perspective that we as humans will never get to see in reality, the worm’s view. The research and process of creating these paintings and all the ideas leading up to them can be seen in my summer 2014 blog:

These paintings are based on things I have experienced and seen in the natural world and I am interested in keeping my foot firmly in reality to tell imaginary stories. The line between fact and fiction is what interests me and I like using facts and reality to give my story more believability.

While doing these paintings they have become quite abstract and I really like this ambiguity. People automatically try to see something they recognise in the paintings and I really enjoy hearing what people see – from dogs to christmas stockings. As humans we try to rationalise this ‘unknown’ world by picking out things that are in our ‘known’ world. Every person sees something different and this adds to the other-worldly feel to these images.

Images © Emma Harry


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