Finding visual reference for the creatures

Images of sea worms and snails (found on google images). this was a general search to get an idea of how the creatures look however i intend to look at the specific types of creatures that I know have lived inside my rocks, possibly in archives held by marine aquarium museums and the Mollusc collection at national museum of Wales, Cardiff.

Images of molluscs

Today I have been looking at images of the creatures that used to live inside my rocks. These include sea worms, molluscs and sponges. My search has led me to look at even more strange creatures such as sea slugs. their colours are absolutely stunning and it is hard to believe these creatures exist. I also had a nostalgic moment as I came across Sea Monkeys. I had completely forgotten about these strange creatures that you used to be able to but from Toys R Us and hatch like magic! Here’s a microscopic image of a ‘sea monkey’ which is actually called a brine shrimp. Luckily they look nothing like the creepy looking humanoid water pets advertised on the packet. (Images below taken from


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