De Bijenkorf Holiday Windows by UXUS, Amsterdam – Netherlands


I have been researching into Victorian Paper theatres and came across this window display by a company called UXUS for Dutch department store, De Bijenkorf. This display was created for the Christmas season in 2013 and involved creating “narratives that take customers on a journey through an enchanted mystery forest, inhabited by magical creatures.” This is something that I would like to achieve. i want the viewer to feel like they are going on a journey, travelling through this world and discovering the extraordinary life forms that they would not normally notice. “Extraordinary miracles of gift-giving happen at night, while the city is sleeping.” They too were inspired by paper toy theatres of the Victorian era, “the windows are designed as multilayered stage sets of 2D and 3D parts,” the latter is something I hadn’t thought about yet. I could sculpt parts of the detail inside my set and leave some parts 2D like I was intending to create more of a mix.

I like how this window is immersive to the extreme and is close to the aesthetic and experience that I want to create. The image above shows one of the windows which is of most interest to me. It really feels as if you are looking through a hole to see inside a tree which is exactly what I want to create for my rocks. This also made me think about using paper mache for the front of the stage to create the texture of the rock in a more 3D way, similarly like they have done with the bark of the tree here.

Lighting is also important and maybe I could use LED’s inside the structure to shine through the holes as if to seem like the outside world is shining through. I will keep this in mind when deciding where to cut out shapes.

Link to a blog about this window display:


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