Tutorial with Georgina Hounsome – Victorian Paper Theatres

images from www.jabberwock.co.uk and janeaustensworld.wordpress.com

After having a chat with Georgina she has given me a brilliant idea as to how to take my project forward. I am trying to create a way for a human to be able to immerse themselves in the world of the sea worm inside these rocks and to expose a whole new world that has been previously overlooked as you walk past a pebble on a beach. As mentioned in a previous post, I had the idea of forming my paintings in clay and taking them back to 3D however when you think about this it is taking it back to the rock and not really exploring it in other ways. I could still do this but Georgina made a alternative suggestion that has immediately excited me – to turn my paintings into a theatre set. Other’s have suggested that the paintings  look like film sets and film/animation might be something to move into after as well. However for now, I am going to explore Victorian paper theatres and turn my finished paintings into slides that will slot into a theatre set, creating depth and making this world into 3D so that the viewer is able to look inside and become fully immersed in the world.

This has taken me back to last year where we made paper theatre’s in Tom Martin’s workshop:



I will use what I learn from this to start making designs plus inspiration from Toy theatres I have seen at Pollock’s Toy Museum. Other inspirations to start me off will be Victorian paper theatre structures and colour.

The idea of my rocks being in a theatre setting also harks back to a crit I had with Chris a few weeks ago where we talked about making the rock into a ‘spectacle’ and thinking more about my audience – where and when do I let them in? I think working in a theatrical context might be a really interesting way to take the project and it works to draw attention and focus to this otherwise overlooked object which is a primary aim of my project.



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