Tom Martin ‘Wunderkammer’ Talk


I went to Tom Martin’s lecture tonight because I knew that it would be extremely engaging as I admire his work. Also the title alone ‘Wunderkammer’ is something I am really interested in, is a common theme throughout my practice and the ideas that it presents also informs my role as curator of the In gallery. Tom’s lecture was a brilliant insight into his practice. Many of the themes and ideas he talked about are things I am researching in my work. I also gained new ideas about where to go with my project. Continuing on from the idea of the theatre and the reveal, I am now thinking about containment. Tom talked about the idea of a whole world in a box – this is something I immediately thought could be applied to my current project. I am now thinking that I could create some kind of cabinet, drawer, box or any contained space that can be opened and looked into to reveal the ‘worm’s world’ inside the rock. (the container could possibly be modelled like the structure of one of my rocks or kept traditional and minimalist to contrast with the striking colour and shapes inside.)

Tom also talked about themes that I am dealing with in my dissertation such as the power of the museum. eg Museum of Childhood – awkward tension created – tactile/non- tactile etc and also Edmund de Wall – tension between objects, viewer is controlled by the way the cabinet is laid out – frosted glass etc

Work’s mentioned during the talk that could inspire me in my current project:

Notes from the lecture:


At beginning of the lecture Tom gave us each one of his latest creation’s and in return we were asked to do something with it as part of an experiment on how people perceive objects. We decided to collaborate and combine our boxes to create a larger structure, the sculpture slightly reminded me of a Basset’s licorice allsort! (pictures below…)



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