Point of Divergence

I have been leant this book by my tutor Chris which is based around before breakfast conversations. It contains artist’s musings over the way objects are seen and experienced. The book was a short but extremely thought provoking read. Do objects live outside our perception of them? Do they even exist outside of our gaze? There is something about a rock, the fact that it has existed far beyond the human life span that makes us not question its existence.

There is also an interesting comment made about horders, seeing them as people who are more attuned to objects. this is an interesting idea as horders seem to be unable to let go of objects and this may be because they have a greater connection to them. I myself find it hard to throw anything away so I understand this mentality. Every object has a history, a presence and a story which is too important to abandon. The book ponders on the idea of humans as the animator of inanimate objects. We pass on our human characteristics to them and give life to them however they have a presence in their own right.


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