Crit with Chris



Question why I am doing something.

Research into the modes of Brecht – he lets the audience into the workings

Brecht – Are the audience viewing the complete work or are they allowed to see the process/ backstage  – at what point do I let people in/ where shall I show this/in what way

Think of it in theatrical terms – a turning stage – the many places the work can go but think about audience. Idea: Invite people to an event, turn the rock into ‘a spectacle’

Perspective – what you can see and what you can’t – tunnels

look deep – what lies beneath – uncover.

inter-illustration – this is what it is illustrating  or…

outer-illustration – what do you think this illustrates?

Book of tiny things


Putting threads through the rock – threading is a kind of drawing.

Research Theatre and its origins – Greek Theatre

Could illustration be an anaesthetic? 

Science v Art

Think about every little part of the project and what I am doing – it’s meaning – use of metaphor


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