Curating the IN GALLERY (Week 3 – Tom Martin’s Wunderkammer)

The In Gallery presents:


Changing display, 20th October – 27th October

A selection of Tom Martin’s work intertwined with objects that have inspired his practice.

Tom Martin is a technician demonstrator in printmaking at Cardiff School of Art and Design. His print studio is located on the ground floor of N Block.

Artist Statement:

“My recent research involves artists who work within theories of Museology. This has become a key area for me as I have been looking at how we, as viewers, place importance on the object or artefact. Such artist’s work as Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise, Herbert Distel’s Museum of Drawers and the Fluxus collective with their Fluxkits have all been very influential to the outcomes of my work. These artists show a fascination with the relationship that objects have with the viewer, whether they are contained, archived or interacted with and they place an emphasis on implied possibility.”

This week The In Gallery has been transformed into a cabinet of curios. Filled with interesting objects that have inspired Tom Martin’s practice interspersed with his own work. The strange juxtapositions created inside the cabinet naturally allow the viewer to question their placement and subsequently form new connections and stories about them.  Tom Martin reflects this saying “The viewer becomes responsible for completing my work, it can be interpreted in many different ways.”

THE IN GALLERY features weekly exhibitions of work by staff, students and guests of CSAD/Cardiff Metropolitan University.  The items in this cabinet have been arranged by Tom Martin and this exhibition has been curated by Emma Harry.


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